Caliber Bushing Kit 26 Pk Cr0074

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  • Friction free loading and unloading
  • Stainless steel fastening system allows expansion and contraction of glides caused by temperature changes
  • Bushing kits included in LowPro Glides
  • Replacement bushing kits available separately
  • Easily installed with simple  hand tools
  • Multi-Glides enhance expanded use of trailer without moving guides
  • Saves trailer deck damage caused by carbide runners
  • Made from tough HDPE plastic
  • New wide glides allow even more variance in ski stance
  • Double kits for 10' trailer comes with eight 5 foot pieces for a total of 40 feet, includes screws
  • Single kits for 10' trailer comes with four 5 foot pieces for a total of 20 feet, includes screws
  • Extension kits come with enough pieces to extend to 12 foot trailers (four 30" pieces)
  • Individual segments are 5 feet long, Screw kit 42-5050 and bushing kit 42-5049 available separately